Belarus: The Day Before

December 7, 2012

It’s that time of year again, one which excites us hardcore fans worldwide with the national final season upon us once more. Before the new year begins, we will know six songs for next year’s contest, that is of course if countries don’t change their minds like they’ve done in the past. Belarus this year have the honour for fans to leave the Post Eurovision Depression behind and begin a new year of the contest we now love unconditionally. The line-up includes some past national final contestants including Alyona Lanskaya who was set to represent Belarus last year, Uzari who also took part with her and Max Lorens who competed in the 2008 Russian national final.

Last year Belarus were unsuccessful in qualifying with Litesound’s “We Are The Heroes”, will their choice this year improve their performance? Let’s see what’s on offer.

1. Vitaliy Voronko – “I Wonder How You”

The song has a nice accordion instrumental with generic pop beats. His accent is quite heavy and the lyrics aren’t anything special. This song would probably sound better in Belarussian and I don’t see this going anywhere.

2. Max Lorens – “I Love Your Charming Eyes”

Onto a slower and more dramatic song. Max sounds like a good singer but something about this song just doesn’t flow, especially the lyrics in the chorus. Even with an improvement I think there’s better on offer.

3. Alyona Lanskaya – Rhythm Of Love

Instantly hard not to notice the auto-tune in this song. The music has a good beat and reminds me a lot of Annastasiya Vinnikovas comeback entry last year. Overall, despite support on youtube I think this song is sub-par and will be forgotten once the field this year is formed.

4. Yankey – Letter To Mother

This song reminds me a lot of those sadder disney songs playing when someone is locked up and stopped from rescuing the princess. It’s actually not that bad but I doubt it will appeal to the voters.

5. Beaver Band – Incredible Girl

Annnnnnnnd here’s our joke entry. This song is memorable but not for the right reasons. This will be laughed at if sent to Malmo.

6. Daria – Catch Me Again

Very old school sound and something I would expect at junior eurovision.

7. Uzari – Secret

In my opinion this is the first song that would have potential to do well at eurovision, that is if it’s staged and performed well. It sounds very Usher or Ne-Yo inspired without the rapping and it’s a style of song which we haven’t really seen in recent years.

8. Alexei Gross – One Way Love

I get a similar vibe to this like Dima Bilans entry in 2006, except cheesier. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was picked but I prefer other songs to this one.

9. Nuteki – Save Me

This one instantly grabs me on the first listen! That’s a good sign considering majority of voters will hear this on the night for the first time. Those who enjoyed mAnga and Eldrine will definitely enjoy this and it’s one directed more to the younger fans. People will either think it’s three minutes of noise while others such as myself think it’s awesome.

10. Satsura – Get Out Of My Way

Last song of the night which also grabs me on the first listen. This one reminds me a lot of Russia 2010 in the Satsura’s appeal and the style of the song. I think this is a song which can bring Belarus to the final but the thing thats left uncertain is how well he can sing live.

Final Prediction: The best choices would be Uzari, Nuteki and Satsura. I personally think it will be Nuteki though its dependant on the way they present the song.

Who do you think is the best choice for Belarus?